Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Yesterday afternoon me and Rahmana went to room 7 to do a crime scene. First we had to figure out that the crime scene it was.a Broken Computer screen. Next we had to we had to boil some purple
cabbage but the cabbage didn't boil so we had to put it on a big hot plate. After that we had to scoop up some sugar off the ground and put it in a plastic cup .Then we put baking soda, salt and sugar into three separate cups then we poured the vinegar into the cups we to observe. It was the sugar that was on the ground. After that  we had to sweep up some milk and pore it in to a plastic cup and also put some vinegar in the plastic cup with the milk, it curdled and looked like puke. After that we had to find out what the fifth crime was. We had to find out what the crumbs were so Peyton looked at it closely and she found out that it was wheatbix. Then we had to see who's footprint it was so we had to go around the school, and ask the adults, we even went to Sue!  She took her shoes and socks off and stood in the foot print, it wasn't her. Then we went to Sharon in Room 3 and she stood in the foot print and it was her.

By Peyton and Rahmana

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